Enduro Roller Bearing Catalog


Roller bearings, compared with equivalent sized ball bearings, can handle generally higher loads, at generally lower limiting speeds.

Also, given the same load rating, roller bearings are generally more compact than ball bearings.

The Enduro roller bearings listed here are of two types:

1. MR series, with their corresponding MI series inner rings.

2. Various track roller types

MR series outer race/roller assemblies

These are designed to mount into the customer supplied housing, and are available in a wide range of inch and metric sizes.
All MR series bearings incorporate oil holes and grooves for lubrication systems that are designed as part of the housing.
MR series bearings are available with or without integral seals.
Specifications for various interference fits used when sizing the housings are available on request.
MR series roller assemblies can either run directly on the customer supplied shaft, or on Enduro MI series inner rings
When running directly on the shaft, please contact Enduro for shaft specifications regarding material, hardness, finish, and tolerance.

MI series inner rings

Designed to work with both MR series outer races, as well as SRF series track rollers.
The advantage that MI series rings offers is that when the bearing is worn, only the inner ring, rather than the entire shaft, needs to re replaced.
Also the wide range of sizes allows for flexibility of design; the same inner ring can be combined with various outer race/roller assemblies, and vice versa.
All MI series inner rings incorporate oil holes and grooves for lubrication systems that are designed as part of the shaft.

Track Roller Types

Cam followers and Yoke roller (CF, CFE, CFH, CYR, KR, NUTR, and SRF) are all track roller types.
Outer races of these bearings run directly on a track or other wear surface.
Bearings are not designed to be pressed into a housing.
Cam follower types (CF, CFE, CFH, KR) do incorporate re-lubrication features into the integral shaft.
Cam followers and yoke rollers are used in a wide range of industries: material handing and conveying, industrial trucks, food processing, textiles and general machinery.
The preferred set up for Enduro cam followers is sealed with a internal hex recess (SB suffix)
Yoke rollers are delivered sealed as well
Unsealed versions are available, as well as other options such as special coatings, special dimensions, OD profiles etc.